Summary of information related to WP2

September 7, 2015
Work Package 2 deals with the coordination of the technical procurement activities as well as the effective interfacing with manufacturing firms to ensure a properly vetted design for each of the sub-assemblies of the Test Subarray. The tasks needed for the project outreach are also within this work package. In addition, since this project is taking part in the Pilot on Open Research Data, the planning of the data management is also an activity in this work package.

This work package contains the following activities:

  • Kick-off meeting and technical workshop
  • Hiring a manufacturing consultant contractor
  • Development of packages of tendering documents
  • Identification of potential industry bidders
  • Development of test plans
  • Development of a data management plan


Deliverable 2.1: First version of the data management plan

February 23, 2016
As part of the EISCAT_3D Preparation for Production project (EISCAT3D_PfP) a data management plan (DMP) is developed. That document outlines the handling of the collected data within the project, both during the project and after its completion. Deliverable 2.1 is the initial version of the DMP, and it will updated in parallel to the other activities in the project.

Deliverable 2.2: Test plan for the Test Subarray

September 11, 2017
Deliverable 2.2 in the EISCAT3D_PfP project contains the test plan for each of the subsystems and for the overall sub-array, which is planned to be constructed at Ramfjordmoen site in Norway. Further, this report will serve as guideline for the testing of test sub-array and also, to assess the interoperability of the various subsystems.

Deliverable 2.3: Tendering documents, including standards and necessary supporting documentation

September 26, 2017
This report includes documents used for the procurement of three of the critical components under the EISCAT3D_PfP project. They have been updated following the experiences gained from the implementation of the Test Subarray. The additional requirements needed to procure these components for the full EISCAT_3D implementation have not been considered.The documents included are:

  • The Enquiry letter. This is the introduction to a tender opportunity. The Enquiry also indicates the expected contractual requirements for the awarded contractor.
  • The Technical Specification for each of the sub-systems identified as critical EISCAT_3D components, updated based on the findings from the project:
    • First Stage Receiver Unit (FSRU)
    • Antenna Unit (AU)
    • Pulse and Steering Control Unit (PSCU)
  • The System and Subsystem Design Description, also updated based on the findings from the project

Each enquiry also includes a Statement of Work, a Contract Data Requirements List and a Requirements Answer template. These three documents have, for this report, been simplified to just show their general structure.


Milestone 1: Kick-off and technical meeting

October 26, 2015
A kick-off meeting and a Technical Workshop was held 22 – 23 October 2015 in Kiruna.

This Milestone was reached on 23 October 2015.

Milestone 2: Manufacturing Consultant Contractor contract signed

February 22, 2016
The advertised Request for Quotation (RfQ) tender for a Manufacturing Consulting Contractor received offers from three consulting companies. The received proposals were evaluated by considering the technical and cost requirements of the EISCAT3D_PfP project. Following the results of the evaluation it was suggested that Consoden AB was the successful bidder as it met most of the RfQ requirements.

The signing of this contract, on 15 February 2016, is marked as Milestone 2 of this project.

Milestone 3: Contracts signed with vendors

December 16, 2016
Under EISCAT3D_PfP, the contracts for procurement of major sub-systems are signed.

The First Stage Receiver Unit (FSRU) contract was signed with National Instruments, Sweden on 2016-11-03 and the Antenna Unit (AU) contract was signed with Huber+Suhner Ltd, UK on 2016-12-13.

Thus, Milestone 3 in the EISCAT3D_PfP project was reached on 13 December 2016.


Documents related to WP6 can be found in our external library.

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