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Last update: 2018-03-08

Q&A’s related to the Antenna Unit have moved to Tender 1 details and this section has now been reinitiated for Tenders 2 and 3.

Question 32: FSRU: Procurement Objects 2 and 3 state 50 units each, is that correct?

Answer 32: No, it’s a typo. The number units for Procurement Object 2 (Sweden) should read 55 and for Procurement Object 3 (Finland) should read 54. This will be corrected in the Enquiry.

Question 33: The majority of our Industrial principal customers are OEM account with active non-disclose agreements. Thus, we are not able to disclose the company names of the industrial principle customers without breeching the non-disclose agreements. Is it sufficient to provide a list with industrial principle customers which contains following information: Industry, main application, Country and sum of revenue for the last three Years?

Answer 33: For the EOI it is enough to provide Industry, main application, Country and sum of revenue for the last three Years with out customer names. Examples of projects similar to EISCAT_3D FSRU with basic information is highly appreciated. We may request more information on the later phase of the tendering process.

Question34:  Section 11.1: Do you need sub-contractor information for external manufactures or only for R&D related tasks?

Answer 34: We like to know if supplier have all the necessary knowledge in house or is planing to use sub-contracting for e.g. FPGA development or RF design. Concerning manufacturing we like to know if you have manufacturing in house or plans to use sub-contracting.

Question 35: Enquiry 3.1. Please clarify in what form is it possible to negotiate. Can we propose alternative/deviating terms?

Answer 35: You can propose alternative or deviating terms for all technical and contractual terms.

Question 36: Ts&Cs 5. Please clarify whether these provisions apply only to information submitted as part of the bid, or also to protected IP provided by Tenderer under the contract.

Answer 36: IP rights can cover both the bid and those under the contract. Please specify in the offer which items will be under IP rights. 

Question 37: Could export control provisions (like ITAR) be incorporated?

Answer 37: Export control provisions for hardware can be incorporated as long as they do not apply to any of the EISCAT Host countries – Finland, Norway, or Sweden.

Question 38:  Enquiry 13.4. Expression of interests are accepted in original and via email (PDF format). Do you need both the paper and PDF versions or will the email with the PDF be enough?

Answer 38: For EOI email with PDF will be enough. 

Question 39:  Q1. SS_04_05 – It shall be possible to reboot the system by cycling power. Hard power cycles will risk corrupting the file system of the FSRU. Would a controlled shutdown/power cycle procedure be acceptable?

Answer 39: Although, sub-array containers will have UPS systems installed we expect some power cuts to be happen. Most of the time controlled power down is enough. Sites are remote and unmanned so in case FSRU is not responding we are planning to cycle the power using remote controlled power switch. If there is an other way to have same functionality, that will be accepted.

Question 40:  White Rabbit Interface. Do you expect 1 gigE control traffic to be carried over the White Rabbit 1 gigE optical links?

Answer 40: Our plan is to build the site wide 1 GbE control network using White Rabbit compatible routers and have WR switches in each Sub-array to deliver control and timing information. From this switch we can provide one SFP slot for control and one for timing.

Question 41: What type of connector is required for the input end of the LNA of FSRU? This is in relation to the design of FSRU. Is SMA acceptable?

Answer 41: SMA is acceptable, however we like to see a connector which is easier to install. For PfP HD-BNC was used.

Question 42:  “SS_02_04 Stop band attenuation shall be better than 80 dB (can be done partly in digital domain).” Please clarify the definition of “stop band”, and how far is it from the center frequency 233.38 MHz?

Answer 42: As this depends selected technology we like to hear from  There is no requirement for this but we ask tenders to give an estimation 

Question 43: In Chapter 3.5 the control interface is 1GbE SFP for receiving control signals and time information, and in Figure 3 there is only one Control port. Should there be two 1GbE SFP here, one for control information and another for time information based on WR? Please clarify it.

Answer 43: Our plan is to build the site wide 1 GbE control network using White Rabbit compatible routers and have WR switches in each Sub-array to deliver control and timing information. So control and timing goes in the same 1 GbE Ethernet cables. However, we can provide to identical SFP ports to the FSRU connections. 

Question 44:  “SS_01_14 FSRU shall have remote firmware update possibility.” Does the firmware include the FPGA firmware, if FPGA firmware is used?

Answer 44: Yes, that is our requirement. 

Question 45: “SS_07_02 Timing uncertainty between White Rabbit reference and sampling shall not exceed 100ps.” Does this timing uncertainty mean the uncertainty after power on or at the moment when power on? 

Answer 45: Timing uncertainty here means jitter (1 sigma) between White Rabbit reference in the container and any of the 182 ADC samples. 

Question 46: 

Answer 46: