Three young scientist

Trond Mohn was personally present when three “outstanding young researchers” received between 11 and 12 million to their research projects. Mohn confirms that this is not the last time he supports UiT financially. In 2007 Trond Mohn founded Tromsø Forskningsstiftelse, with the purpose to support research and research-promoting measures at UiT.
The three scientists: Shona Wood, Kathrin H. Hopmann og Juha Vierinen, all receive four year scholarships of between 11 and 12 million NOK. Trond Mohn was personally present to issue the scholarships.

Wood’s project discusses “epigenetic light”

Hopmann’s has the title: “Sustainable catalysts for homogeneous CO? conversion”

Vierinen’s project is titeled: “Radar Science with EISCAT 3D”

Juha Vierinen describes the scholarship as the best that has happend in his carrier.
–  This means that instead of doing all the work by my self, I can include students and will get a lot more done, Juha says.
–  This is great for me as well for the project.


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