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Internal Administration

The administrative and financial functions are integral parts of Headquarters. Many of the internal rules and procedures are controlled using different forms. Other procedures are explained in memos. Headquarters is located in Kiruna

The Association is governed by the Agreement, the Statutes and the Financial Rules. These are included in the governing rules and procedures book, the so called Blue Book

The forms used within the organisation are available here

Internal memorandums can be found here

The regularly occuring annual staff meetings are called Annual Review Meetings (ARM)


Postal: EISCAT Scientific Association, P. O. Box 812, SE-981 28 Kiruna, Sweden

Visiting/Delivery: EISCAT Scientific Association, Rymdcampus 1, SE-981 92 Kiruna, Sweden

Phone: +46-980-791 50, Telefax: +46-980-791 59

EISCAT Scientific Association is registered as a Swedish non-profit organisation

Organisationsnummer: 897300-2549

EISCAT Scientific Association is also registered in Norway

Organisasjonsnr: 971400536