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Accumulating list of EISCAT related publications, generally including papers in refereed journals or conference proceedings, theses, books, etc
EISCAT Publications
Accumulated list of all known publications. Generally the papers listed should have appeared in adequately refereed publications and be relevant to EISCAT, either through inclusion of an acknowledgement to EISCAT or through obvious appropriate content. Theoretical papers can also be included, even if they do not mention EISCAT, if the work reported arises directly from EISCAT research.
Heating publications
This list contains mostly papers in refereed journals with results from the Tromsø Heating facility, but includes theses, proceedings and reports. Papers marked with * are essentially theoretical papers which are directly associated with Tromsø heating experimental results.
masters and doctoral theses with a significant EISCAT content
File EISCAT Publication history
EISCAT Publication history since 1982 (updated 08 November 2015)